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01.11.2017 18:24 Age: 5 yrs

5th Transnational Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

The 5th transnational Meeting took place in Prague from 14th to 15th of September. The meeting was organized and hosted by the Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic.

The meeting on Thursday started with a short participants welcome and the introduction of a new Team member, Kevin Daly, who recently joined CEJA and represented that partner at the meeting. Afterwards, the project overview and discussion on pending tasks concluded that the project was proceeding as planned and would leave enough time to revise and translate the main webpage under construction. During this meeting, a focus was put on the user friendliness of the webpage, the case studies and in particular the serious game, as this would be the main output of the project.

On Friday, the morning was dedicated a Q&A session, before the meeting came to an official closure. Take aways from the meeting were to complete and deliver translations for the different parts of the webpage and serious game on time, in order to stay within the schedule.

Afterwards, most project partners stayed in order to participate in the field visit to Kuncl’s Mill, which is a center of Agrotourism approximately 70 km outside of Prague. This particular organic farm is focusing on summer camps and high quality meat production, with direct marketing to local consumers.