TUM was founded in 1868, today the Technische Universtät München (TUM) is one of the leading European universities and regularly ranks among the best European universities in international rankings. TUM spans three large sites in Bavaria: Munich, Garching, and Weihenstephan.

Scientists at TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan (WZW) are engaged in interdisciplinary research in the life sciences. The WZW was incorporated into TUM in 1930 and consists of 7 research departments and study program divisions. With over 90 professorships, WZW is TUM’s largest academic department.

As being part of the Research Department Agricultural Economics, the Chair Economics of Horticulture and Landscaping assumes that economics and management are all about choices in a world of multiple alternatives and scarce resources. Human ingenuity, research, and development, as well as innovation and adaption processes contribute to the development of new resources and alternative ways of action.



Agricoltura è Vita Association is the promoted Association of Vocational Training by the Agricultural Italian Confederation (CIA). This Association, with its headquarter in Rome, is present on all the national territory by means of associate structures and it operates in the field of the formation, divulgation and research in the agricultural world. Statutory scopes of the association are: to promote and to stimulate the social-cultural and civic development and the formation, to whichever level, of all the citizens, and in all the fields (agricultural, industrial, services), also in the social field.



Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic (APF CR) is a voluntary professional organization of private farmers in the Czech Republic. All activities are based on respecting old peasant traditions and the conviction of the perspective family farms being the foundation of the modern European agriculture and lively country side. Defending the economic, social and professional intents of the Czech private farmers in the Czech Republic and abroad is the fundamental activity of APF CR.



Biotehniški center Naklo is an educational institution with a 100 years of tradition. In North-West Slovenia (Gorenjska region) Biotehniški center Naklo has been recognized as one of the main “generator” of the development in the region with an important synergic effect not only in the field of education, but also in joint action of economy, employment, scientific and agricultural sector. Currently, Biotechnical Centre Naklo employs 130 staff members. Biotehniški center Naklo is a public educational institution working in the fields: Agriculture, Rural Development, Horticulture, Floristic, Dairying, Nature Preservation, Organic Farming, Stockbreeding and Renewable Energy.



CEJA is a European not-for-profit non-governmental organisation dedicated to the field of youth and activities that support the implementation of the fields of action of the EU Youth Strategy. Operating through a formally-recognised structure composed of 31 national organisations from 24 EU Member States; the CEJA secretariat is located in Brussels and oversees all administration activities, organisation of events and management of membership. Membership of CEJA is eligible only if you are a recognised youth organisation – CEJA represents the interests of around two million young rural Europeans. CEJA empowers young people in agriculture and fosters their participation in EU-level decision-making processes by providing them with a platform to discuss, debate and influence policy issues affecting rural youth at European, national and local level. CEJA is also the chair of the World Farmers’ Organisation young farmers’ committee.



COAG-Jaén is a professional farming organization which operates in the Jaén province, in Andalusia. It provides a wide range of services from the defense of farmers interests to training, information and technical advising, R+D, dissemination of technical improvements, etc. COAG has a wide experience in all the previous mentioned aspects having participated in different programmes (Pluriregional, Forcem, Plan de mejora de la calidad de aceite de oliva, etc.). COAG also acts as representative of the farmers voice with policy makers at National, Regional and Local level.



Hof und Leben GmbH (HUL) is an independent private consultancy focused on consulting of agricultural based family enterprises. HuL is consulting in Germany in all types of agricultural business: crop cultivation as well as animal husbandry, production and processing of biomass for food and feed as well as for energetic or industrial purposes. With a special focus on social and ecological aspects next to the pure economy in the planning HUL assures sustainability of all projects realized.



On Projects was born in 2014 as a project managing consulting enterprise. Its main focus is advising enterprises, associations, public bodies and other entities in managing, monitoring and evaluating public funded projects. On Projects staff as a wide experience in managing projects in the framework of many European Programmes (including 6th and 7th framework programme, Horizon 2020, Life, Progress, Culture and Media programmes, Youth in action and of course LLP and ERASMUS+) with a special focus on VET in rural areas and Agriculture/Rural development domains.