Q1: I am going to publish an SFB-related publication. Can the SFB provide funding for the publication cost?

Yes, funds for publications are available upon requests. Requests can be made by a simple email to Claus Schwechheimer, but please before signing any agreements (see Q2). Claus Schwechheimer will reply as soon as possible. In each case the SFB92 needs to be acknowledged for the funding in the acknowledgment section of the paper.

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Q2: I want to publish a paper in an open access journal. Can the SFB provide funding for open access?

Yes, if the respective journal is a true open access journal. Open access fees for publications in journals that offer an open access option but at the same time charge for journal subscription (hybrid open access journals) cannot be funded. Furthermore, options should be used to pay the open access through the university library of the respective institution.

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Q3: I want to schedule a seminar for the Thursday lecture series at TUM School of Life Sciences. Which dates are available?

Please select a date from the open seminar dates listed below and communicate your plans to Petra Wick at petra.wick[at]wzw.tum.de so that the date can be reserved for you.
















Q4: How do I proceed when hosting a seminar speaker?

For groups at TUM-WZW, hotel reservations are carried out by the SFB924 office that will receive and pay the hotel bill. Hotel reservations of the non TUM-WZW groups are carried out by the respective secretariates. Hotel bills need then to be forwarded to and are paid by the SFB924 office. A maximum amount of 100 € can be refunded for joint dinners or lunches with the invited speaker, which will be refunded to the host after the visit. Invited speakers need to fill in their travel claims form and an information sheet for tax purposes (foreigners only) and send it to the SFB office after their travel.

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Q5: What is the procedure for organizing the three-monthly seminars of the SFB924?

The three-monthly seminars are organized by a local group leader together with the SFB924 office. The respective cost can be covered directly by the central project or expenses can be reimbursed as part of the regular allocations of project funds.

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Q6: Can the SFB924 cover the cost for a business trip, conference participation, or laboratory stay in an external laboratory?

Yes, if you are planning any of the listed activities, please write - prior to any relevant activities or departure - a short email to the coordinator describing your travel destination and travel purpose together with a rough but comprehensive estimate of the travel cost (travel, accommodation, conference fees etc.). The purpose of the travel needs to be related to the SFB924 project and will be approved directly by the coordinator. After completion of your travel, reimbursements are being calculated by the respective offices from your institution and the final claim is then communicated to the SFB924 office, which will then transfer the respective amount together with the next regular budget allocation. To avoid delays in the refunding procedure, it is therefore best practice to directly refund the travelling coworker from the normal project funds.

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Q7: Can I employ a student helper through the central Z01 project funds of the SFB924?

1. In the first funding period, a budget for student helpers was granted directly by TUM for the TUM-WZW groups of Frey/Gierl, Isono, Schneitz and Schwechheimer. Contracts for the student helpers to be paid from these grants are prepared in the respective secretariats and a copy needs to be sent to the SFB924 office. 2. The groups from LMU and UR that had requested a budget for student helpers as part of their project have this budget allocated to their accounts as part of the regular transfers. 3. Any additional requests for student helpers can be addressed to the coordinator and will be decided about by the steering committee. Contracts are then prepared in the respective secretariats but need to be signed by the coordinator of the SFB924. A copy of the contract needs to be send to the SFB924 office.

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Q8: Is it possible to purchase equipment from the SFB funds?

Yes, equipment up to 50,000 € can be purchased from the SFB funds if this is required for performing the SFB project. Equipment purchases above 50,000 € need to be approved by the DFG. All equipment needs to be inventoried and marked with the respective bar code labels as well as an SFB924 label available from the SFB924 secretariat.

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Q9: Can the SFB924 pay for gender related activities?

Yes, the SFB924 administers are budget exclusively dedicated to gender-related activities. The funds are available for examples for pregnant coworkers to support them during pregnancy or the maternity leave, for specific child care measures, for gender-related training measures and for the support of campus activities in the field of child care. The specific measures need to be discussed with the coordinator of the SFB924 who needs to seek approval by the DFG. Following approval, the activity can be either directly funded from the central project or the individual project can be reimbursed later.

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Q10: Can I transfer SFB924 funds to the next fiscal year?

No, all budgets allocated to the individual projects have to be spent by December of the respective fiscal year. One exception is when an item was ordered in the fiscal year but could not be delivered. In this case, this is considered a financial obligation and should be communicated to the SFB924 office. It is not permitted to rebook personnel to use up underused funds.

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