Conference 2013

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to cordially invite you to participate in the conference “Plant Biology for the Next Generation”, the International Symposium of the SFB924 “Molecular mechanisms regulating yield and yield stability in plants”. As you can see from the list of speakers, this conference promises to become a very exciting event where internationally renowned scientists will present their research using advanced molecular techniques such as next generation sequencing, in-depth genome analysis and manipulation, post-genomics cell biology and metabolomics research.

The symposium will take place September 18 – 20, 2013 at the Life Sciences Campus of the Technische Universität München ( in Freising, Germany (30 km north of Munich and 5 km north of Munich International Airport).

The conference will start on Wednesday at 12:00 h and finish on Friday at 15:00 h. The conference is free of charge for members of research teams of the SFB924. Registration is strictly required for external participants and payment of a conference fee of 120 € is requested upon arrival at the conference (link to registration).

Invited speakers and members of the SFB924-associated laboratories do not need to register for the conference but are requested to communicate their travel and participation details to the conference office by email: sfb924[at] Hotel reservations have already been made for invited speakers by the conference office. External participants should make their accommodation arrangements in a timely manner since September is a particularly busy month in the Munich area.