Labor Alumni

Dr. Hiromasa Shikata
   Now postdoc with Professor Tetsuya Higashiyama, Nagoya University, Japan: Homepage 

Prof. Dr. Pascal Falter-Braun
   Now director of the new Insitute of Network Biology - INET, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich &
   Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany: Homepage 

Prof. Dr. Erika Isono
   Now head of Chair of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, University of Konstanz, Germany: Homepage

Dr. Inês C.R. Barbosa
   Now postdoc with Niko Geldner, Université de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland: Homepage

Julia Diener
   Now techician with Volker Sieberer, Chair fo Chemistry of Biogenic Resources,
   Straubing, Germany: Homepage 

Dr. Ulrich Lutz 
   Now postdoc with Detlef Weigel, Max-Planck-Institute for Development Biology,
   Tübingen, Germany: Homepage

Dr. Kamila Kalinowska-Brandt 
   Now postdoc with Thomas Dresselhaus, Chair Cell Biology and Plant Biochemistry, Universität
   Regensburg, Germany: Homepage

Dr. Julia Mergner (Ph.D.student)
    Now Postdoc with Bernhard Küster at the chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics, WZW TUM: Homepage

Dr. Luz Irina Calderon-Villalobos (Ph.D.student)
    Postdoc with Mark Estelle (U Indiana, UCSD San Diego)
    Now group leader at the Institute for Plant Biochemistry , Halle: Homepage

Dr. Katja Dalski né Schwager (Ph.D.student)
    Now postdoc with Wolfgang Kreis, Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg: Homepage

Dr. Eri Ogiso-Tanaka (postdoc)
    Now researcher at National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Tsukuba, Japan: Homepage

Dr. Esther M. N. Dohmann (Ph.D.student)
    Postdoc (EMBO fellow) with Nico Geldner, U Lausanne: Homepage

Dr. Hanbing Li (DAAD Fellow)
    Postdoc with Tom Guilfolye, U Missouri
    Now Plant Transformation Core Facility (U Missouri): Homepage

Dr. Isabel Müller (postdoc)
    Now Regierung von Oberbayern, Munich: Homepage

Dr. René Richter (Ph.D.student)
    Now postdoc with George Coupland at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne: Homepage

Dr. Björn Willige (Ph.D.student)
    Now postdoc (EMBO fellow) with Joanne Chory at the Salk Institute San Diego: Homepage

Dr. Jana Hakenjos (Ph.D.student)
    Now postdoc stem cell biology at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg: Homepage 

Dr. Anthi Katsiarimpa (Ph.D.student)
     Now Postdoc with Lionel Pintard at the Institut Jacques Monod, Paris: Homepage