Aptitude Assessment Master

For general information regarding aptitude tests for master’s programs, please refer to Aptitude Test Master.

To access the enquiry template for the analysis of your curriculum, please click on the master’s program in the navigation bar on the left.

Important information

Application number: Before you start with the study progress analysis, please first create an applicant account in our campus management system TUMonline. After you have successfully created this account, you will be assigned an applicant number. This always starts with 1- followed by an eight-digit number sequence (1-00XXXX). You will need the application number to identify your Curricular Analysis.

Saving and submitting the Curricular Analysis: Each subject group must be saved individually after editing, otherwise the entries will be lost! At the end of all entries, check the entered data and submit the Curricular Analysis ONLINE.

The conversion of credits into ECTS as well as the conversion of grades for foreign degrees according to the Bavarian formula will be done by us!

Completing the application documents: Please do not forget to save each subject group. Check all the data you have entered and submit it ONLINE. Your application will only be processed if all required application documents have been received in the Campus Management System TUMonline by the deadline. Applications with incomplete application documents will be excluded from the selection process.