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25.02.2021 Perspective article on mobile elements that orchestrated anther development focusing on open questions.

Oxygen, secreted proteins and small RNAs: mobile elements that govern anther develepoment. Plant Reprod. Stefanie Dukowic-Schulze, Karina van der Linde (2021)Correct anther development is essential for male fertility and...[more]

15.02.2021 There is a new review paper on carbon isotope discrimination by TPB02 Schön/Avramova.

The carbon isotopic signature of C4 crops and its applicability in breeding for climate resilience. Theor. Appl. Genet. Stella Eggels, Sonja Blankenagel, Chris-Carolin Schön, Viktoriya Avramova (2021)  In...[more]

11.02.2021 Robatzek lab: Our first publication on extracellular vesicles from bacteria and their interaction with plants is available.

Biophysical and proteomic analyses suggest functions of Pseudomaonas Syringae pv tomato DC3000 extracellular veicles in bacterial growth during plant infection. bioRxiv Martin Janda, Christina Ludwig, Katarzyna Rybak, Chen...[more]

26.01.2021 Ralph Hückelhoven published a new Humboldt review on plant immunity with Isabel Saur from MPI Cologne.

Recognition and defence of plant-infecting fungal pathogens. J. Plant Physiol. Isabel M. L. Saur,  Ralph Hückelhoven (2021)Attempted infections of plants with fungi result in diverse outcomes ranging from symptom-less...[more]

26.01.2021 Dresselhaus lab: A comparative analysis of pollen tube secretomes identified novel small secreted peptides.

Comparative analyses of angiosperm secretomes identify apoplastic pollen tube functions and novel secreted peptides. Plant Reprod. María Flores-Tornero, Lele Wang, David Potešil, Said Hafidh, Frank...[more]

11.01.2021 Gutjahr lab: Samy's and Salar's paper on the diversity of karrikin receptors in Lotus japonicus is out in PLoS Genetics. Congratulations!

Lotus japonicus karrikin receptors display divergent ligand-binding specificities and organ-dependent redundancy. PLoS Genetics 16(12): e1009249. Samy Carbonnel, Salar Torabi, Maximilian Griesmann, Elias Bleek,...[more]

11.01.2021 Stam lab: Parvinder's first paper has been published.

Population studies of the wild tomato species Solanum chilense reveal geographically structured major gene-mediated pathogen resistance. Proc. R. Soc. B287:20202723.  Parvinderdeep S. Kahlon,...[more]

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