Master's Program Nutrition and Biomedicine

Dear applicant,

in accordance with the Examination and Study Regulations for the Master’s Program Nutrition and Biomedicine (appendix 2a: for applicants with an undergraduate degree within the EU / EEA and Switzerland) the commission uses a curricular analysis to assess your aptitude and the eligibility of your submitted qualifications.

This evaluation is based on elementary subject groups/categories of the Bachelor of Science Program Life Sciences Nutritional Science at the Technical University of Munich.

Kindly fill in the online document (link to request below) listing the subjects you completed in your core studies on the basis of your Transcript of Records. You need to prove a minimum amount of 120 credits (ECTS) completed by the time of your application. Please list these in the respective categories.

The required modules/ subjects from your qualifying study can be found here:

Subject competencies Life Sciences Nutritional Sciences TUM Credits (ECTS)
Physics 7
Inorganic chemistry with practical course 10
Organic and physical chemistry with practical course 10
Biochemistry 8
Mathematics and Statistics 7
Cell Biology 3
Genetics 3
Microbiology 5
Human / animal physiology 11
Laboratory practicals (e.g. in biochemistry, microbiology; human / animal physiology, biology etc.) 8
Total ECTS 72

You can receive a maximum of 30 points for the Curricular Analysis if you can prove 72 ECTS of the required subject competencies. Missing competencies will be reduced according to the ECTS of the assigned modules of the Bachelor of Life Sciences Nutritional Science. For the subject groups Organic and Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Human/Animal Physiology, and Laboratory Practicals, modules of at least 5 ECTS must be proven in each of these groups, otherwise 0 points will be given in these groups.

If you are missing more than 30 ECTS of the subject competencies, you do not fulfill the subject qualification for the Master's program.

If you are not sure whether a module you have taken corresponds to the listed module contents, you can read our module descriptions (scroll down to Already in the middle of your master's degree in Nutrition and Biomedicine? and see under Module catalog)

If you have taken a combined module in your degree program, such as Biology (consisting of cell biology and genetics for example) or Biochemistry (consisting of theory and laboratory course), you can enter the module more than once, but you have to divide the credits according to the categories.

All other modules of your transcript of records that cannot be divided into the listed categories you have to enter under the category other modules.

Please insert the credits (credit hours or units) of your origin university and your original grades for each module. If you do not have any grade information for some modules, just leave the field empty.

The conversion of your Credits into ECTS as well as the grade conversion for foreign degrees via the Bavarian formula will be done by us!

Please remember to SAVE your input data for every subject group.

When you have finished, please check to see that all your entries are correct and complete; then send the form ONLINE; and then upload a pdf version to your TUMonline account.

For general information on aptitude assessments for master’s programs, please refer to

Important information

Application number: Before you start with the study progress analysis, please first create an applicant account in our campus management system TUMonline. After you have successfully created this account, you will be assigned an applicant number. This always starts with 1- followed by an eight-digit number sequence (1-00XXXX). You will need the application number to identify your Curricular Analysis.

Saving and submitting the Curricular Analysis: Each subject group must be saved individually after editing, otherwise the entries will be lost! At the end of all entries, check the entered data and submit the Curricular Analysis ONLINE.

We take care of the conversion of the credits into ECTS as well as the conversion of the grades for foreign degrees according to the Bavarian formula!

Completing the application documents: Please do not forget to save each subject group. Check all the data you have entered and submit it ONLINE. Your application will only be processed if all required application documents have been received in the Campus Management System TUMonline by the deadline. Applications with incomplete application documents will be excluded from the selection process.